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Smarter Technologies from Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud will provide the best-in-class cloud computing infrastructure and cloud services to help the Olympic Games operate more efficiently, effectively, and securely.

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    Smarter AI
    Alibaba Cloud is a leader in harnessing AI and deep learning technologies, empowering businesses to innovate new possibilities.
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    Faster Speeds
    Alibaba Cloud has broken records in the Sort Benchmark competition and has powered transactions for Alibaba’s Singles Day, the largest online shopping festival in the world.
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    Higher Security
    Alibaba Cloud complies with high-level international certifications on data security, and provides record-breaking Anti-DDoS and WAF solutions to safeguard web applications.
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    Stronger Global Infrastructure
    With a global network of 14 data center regions, Alibaba Cloud enables customers to expand businesses internationally within minutes.



The evolution and constant development of the Internet has led to a boom for services such as video surveillance, video-on-demand (VOD), and live video broadcasts. Alibaba Cloud Multimedia Solutions offer a suite of powerful cloud-based services for you to create, implement, and deliver digital media content.

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Big Data Based


Big Data Based Security

Security is undoubtedly an essential element for all organizations. Alibaba Cloud security solutions provide multi-layer protection for data and applications on the cloud, along with the powerful data analysis capabilities of our computing platform.

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Smart City

Smart City

Powered by Alibaba Cloud's big data analytics capabilities and the artificial intelligence program, Smart City is set to address the various challenges of urban living. Smart City acts as a hub for data consolidation and real-time data analysis by performing real-time traffic prediction with its video and image recognition technologies.

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Smarter World Needs Your Ideas and Projects

As TOP sponsor of the Olympics, Alibaba Cloud want to reward innovative projects and ideas that can make the Olympics or the world smarter with technologies.

Smarter Project Awards

Do you have an innovative business or idea? Join us to build a smarter world.

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